Friday, February 8, 2008

Who's Looking For You? 5 Free Tools To Find Out

5 free seo keyword research tools to find out who, what, when, where, why, and even how your prospects are searching for you. Finding out everything about your ideal prospect is the key for a successful marketing campaign. Everything from writing your copy, designing your marketing piece, offer, and strategy should be based off knowing the 5 W’s about your ideal prospect. For this demo we will use turtles as the search term.

1. Who wants a turtle?

Using this free tool from MSN we find out that 66% of the people looking for turtles are female. The ages of the majority of people looking for turtles are between the ages of 18 - 49. I would have thought pre-pubescent boys would have been looking for that perfect reptile that their mom wouldn't be afraid of but I was wrong.

2. What do they want it for?

Using this free tool from Google we find that people are searching for sea turtles, pet turtles, ninja turtles, turtles for sale, and baby turtles. This should be used to determine what your content should be about.

3. When do they want it?

You can use Google trends to determine when the most people are looking for turtles and that happens to be on Sunday’s. Utilizing this information you can increase your marketing efforts on Sunday, offer a Sunday special maybe buy one get one free or a free month of food, etc.

4. Where are they searching?

Using Google trends once again we find that most people looking for turtles live in Australia, US, and Canada. One idea might be to include a free heat rock for turtles going to Canada.

5. Why/How are they searching?

MSN provides a good tool to determine why someone would be searching for a particular term. They also provide a tool to find out how a searcher arrives at a certain keyword (before & after).

You can use these tools for any industry keyword research and find out who, what, when, where, why, and how your customers are looking for you.

Do you know of any other cool free SEO keyword research tools?

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