Thursday, April 24, 2008

Worst SEO Report Ever

A company I do some work for has paid $6,000 in SEO fees to receive this report 3 months into a six month contract. This has to be the worst SEO progress report I have ever seen. According to the SEO firm they have not been able to install tracking on their site yet.

Here's the original proposal/contract of work to be performed over the 6 months.

Here are some highlights from the report...

  • Presence in forums : lot of (Is that or what?)
  • From this month, we are adding blog inputting alongwith inputs from customer, specific high traffic oriented subjects are being targeted for additional blogs. (What the fuck does that mean?)
  • We focus on three genres of blog dissemination. The accent is not on quantity, but on relevance and quality. The key factors that we saw was :
    a) Page Strength of the anchor text go to page
    b) Relevance of the sites.
    c) Traffic of the sites. For example and now Sphinn are considered bellwethers in terms of inbound link juice.
    d) Most importantly, how quick SERPs recognize the inbound links.

(Does A thru D = 3?)

  • Other Inbound Links
    Off page presence in high profile listings like Craigslist and Local listings are being done regularly (with images) to boost inbound strengths. Google is favoring certain local library classificatory sites since last algorithm change. (really... CL for links?)

If you paid with a credit card would you try and get your $6,000 back for breach of contract or just call it a lesson learned?


Newport SEO said...

Wow...that's a pretty sad looking report. Obviously an overseas operation based on the poor grammar. I'd say at least it looks like a custom report since the Engrish is so poor, but it actually looks like a canned report based on the fact that they forgot to fill in some info in the directory section. I smell a chargeback, but it might be hard to argue to the credit card co. Keep us posted with how the cc co responds if you do a charge back.

Anonymous said...

it's very sad especially given the fact that it seems the vendor really promised a lot of work and delivered a very poor result even after 3 months... seo takes time but progress should be incrimentally positive, not negative.

JDog said...

@newport I think you are spot on since most of the report made no sense at all. Must be as you say.. their engrish gives it away.

@anms Very sad indeed. The report didn't even tell them how many visitors they had on their site...

watch cartoons said...

That's impressively bad, even more so considering the price. The lack of deliverables is what stands out to me. There are certain things that are measurable (visitors to the site is just one) that would clearly show improvement, or lack of it.

Besides all that, the presentation is extremely unprofessional. It looks like an email template!