Friday, January 11, 2008

Alter The 2008 Presidential Election with PPC

Every Presidential Candidate should be trying to rank #1 for "who should I vote for?" Not one of them does right now... I know if I was running for president I would be determined to be #1 for that search term and a few others.

Both Yahoo and Google are reporting a huge increase in searches for who should I vote for in the 2008 election (1200+% increase) and presidential candidate quiz (1700+% increase) over the past week.

This is how the folks at the Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, or Ron Paul camp could sway the 2008 presidential election if they would just spend a few bucks out of their multi-million dollar campaign budget on an optimized Pay Per Click campaign.

Right now it cost less than a pack of chewing gum to rank #1 for "who should I vote for?". Here's a screen shot of a few other phrases that every presidential candidate is missing the boat on.

Yahoo also reported a huge increase in searches for "presidential candidate quiz". I figure these people are trying to figure out who to vote for or which candidate is the right match for them. Why don't the online campaign managers make a candidate quiz to help these people out? Once again less than a dime to be number #1 for "presidential candidate quiz".

Not one presidential candidate is using this technique right now.
If they did, IMO they could alter the outcome of the 2008 elections. I think all of the candidates need to revisit their PPC campaigns, that is if they are even running one. If the campaign team can't do a good job on their own they should hire a good SEM or SEO company to help them win the presidential election. What do you think?


SEO Hack said...

hiring an SEO firm would help them, IMO, but honestly for the results they would want (short-lived and fairly instant) they'd be better off looking at an SEM house with a firm grounding in SEO as well as PPC and SMM.

Or, they could hire some of those who could give a rat's ass about Google's Guidelines . . . . >=)

Anonymous said...

i think they are missing the boat. internet has way more mediums if you stop to think about it. Hil could easily build a web presense using google, other ppc and web sponsor venues. she probably has an old fogey buying her tv media and has no clue about integrating internet... makes me wonder how she will handle the tech savvy world we live in these days... hmmm...

JDog said...

@An - I sit here and laugh at how much campaign money they dump into old world media. Wake up!!

@Hack - Are you growing horns yet? Imagine the blackhats launching a campaign for their "preferred candidate"...
Online domination at it's finest while runnin to the bank with a suitcase full of money. Ahh. politics.