Thursday, January 10, 2008

JDog's Top Blogs of 2007

I have been reading everyone's Top Blog Lists for 2007 and I feel there are a few blogs that have not received their due rewards. So it's time for JDog's Top Blogs. This list was not judged by other "top bloggers" nor did I take nominations or any crap like that. I have seen how those lists turned out and I do not agree. This is MY list by My categories so if you don't agree I could care less but feel free to express your thoughts in my comments.

Most Read Blog
After running reports in my feedreader SEOHack takes this award hands down. I find myself revisiting his blog time and time again when I need a good laugh. Even though my friends give weird looks when I start rolling with laughter.

#1 Male Chauvinistic Blog
Brian over at Learn2BeaMan is the winner of this award. His insightful responses to letters that readers submit are great. He has alot of letters on there now so hop on over and check them out. I just wish Brian would post more often but I know he is working on his ebook right now so I'll let it slide.

Most Shared Blog
Aaron Wall at SEOBook takes the cake here. His posts are always packed full of useful unique information related to SEO and I usually feel compelled to share what he has to say because he doesn't just regurgitate what I have just read on 50 other seo blogs. Thank you Aaron for sharing your knowledge.

Top SEO Blog
The whole crew over at SEOmoz does a great job everyday. I sometimes feel lost if 3 hours go by and I don't see a new post from them. They are the lifeblood in the seo community as far as I'm concerned. Their premium seo tools are worth every penny.

Top Advanced SEO Blog
This guy knows his stuff and just launched his blog this year Hamlet Batista He wins the award for the best blog that covers advanced SEO. His blog came out of nowhere and was an instant hit in the seo community. I find myself NOT sharing his info with my friends because it is too valuable. Thank you for devulging the wealth of knowledge you have just begun to share with us.

The Best Online Money Making Blog
ShoeMoney.... enough said. (ok maybe I agree with the masses on one thing)

This is the first glimplse into my world. My new year's resolution was to start writing and contributing since I have been a lurker for a year now on over 100 blogs. I finally held true to a new year's resolution, let's see if I can keep on top of it. If I get comments on this post I will be inclined to write more. *hint hint

I leave everyone with a video of who I think should be the next Amercian Idol - Gerry Phillips with his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.


SEO Hack said...

It's about damn time you got a blog! Though lurkers are always welcome. ;) Will be interesting to see what you have to say.

And woohoo! I've left the first comment! YESSS!

By the way, that is the best Best of 2007 list I've read to date.

JDog said...

Hack- Thanks for the feedback. Now it's time for me to figure out what readers want to get out of the JDog Blog.

Syzlak said...

readers want more posts to judge you by

Streko said...

i already have judged you, you get my thumbs up....